Detailed Syllabus of Kerala PSC Exam for 2016

Kerala Public service commission is a statutory body created by the government of India.  Functioning under the Article 320 (3) of the Indian constitution, it conducts written examinations and interviews for various government posts in Kerala. Adding to it, it also conducts physical efficiency test and prepares rank list of the successful candidates based on their merits. Now, it has its office at Pattom in Thiruvanthapuram and it functions under the leadership of its Chairman.  The present Chairman Dr. K.S. Radhakrishan has introduced many path-breaking and revolutionary steps to get modernization and make the commission a fully computerized body.  Most of the important data are now available online.

About examination syllabus of Public Service Commission, kerala

For examinations, which are going to get conducted every month, the commission publishes syllabus for the same.  The aspirants for various government jobs can find at bottom of the page.

What does a particular syllabus indicate about an examination?

The syllabus gives details of the PATTERN of the examination. It gives details that clearly indicate the category of post and other relevant details of the examination for a particular post. Let’s make note about particular syllabus of an examination.

Gradation of the post

As every state government has gradation for its various posts it makes a clear mention of the grade for which the appointment is being made.

Mention about Category of appointment

Apart from the gradation, the syllabus also mentions about the CATEGORY NUMBER of the said post. The particular category comes with a number that gives in detail about a particular post.

Mention about the recruitment in a particular department

As the rule for various appointments in government department goes, every department forwards its requirements for selection of various staff to the public service commission. It is the responsibility of the public service commission to arrange for written test, physical efficiency test, and interviews for the vacancies and prepare the merit list with rankings of the students. So the SYLLABUS has the clear mention about the department for which the recruitment is taking place.

Details about types of subjects and questions

The syllabus makes a clear mention about the subjects that would appear in the examination by Public service commission. Subjects and questions covered under each examination also differ from post to post. For instance, when appointment for a grade-III post for a clerical examination is taking place, the subjects would come as;

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Mental ability and test of reasoning
  3. General Science
  4. Current affairs
  5. Facts about India
  6. Facts about Kerala

Topics mentioned under the subjects

Under each subject, the commission would make clear mention about the chapters from which questions would appear and classifications about questions. This would guide the aspirants of the job about the study that they need to make for each subject. This also helps the students about allotting time for each portion of the examination. The syllabus is all indicative about the details of an examination for a particular post.

How the students could access the syllabus for the examination of a particular post?

The students could access the syllabus as per their intention to apply for a particular post. The Public service Commission gives them the option to download the entire syllabus and make use of it. For this, they could log on to its home-page and click on the and then click on the “syllabus” given under “examination and interview”. The link would take them to the syllabus page, where the complete details about the syllabuses for the various posts are available. They could select the link for syllabus as per their application for a particular post.

2016 Syllabus

The public service commission gives fresh updates about syllabus from time to time. It revises the syllabus in the light of changes that become necessary for the additions and deletions to the syllabus. The commission also gives fresh input to the syllabus as and when it becomes necessary. The syllabus is sketchy about the examination, topic, and pattern of conducting the examinations. It is an integral part of the examination that gets conducted for the recruitment in the various government posts.

Sr No Post Syllabus
1 Technician GR –II / Boiler Operator Part I

  • Steam Boilers
  • Boiler Mountings And Accessories
  • Draught
  • Performance Of Boilers
  • Properties Of Steam
  • Fuel
  • Combustion Of Fuels
  • Units Of Measurement
  • Boiler Water Treatment

Part II

  • General Knowledge
  • Renaissance In Kerala
  • Current Affairs
2 Assistant Transport Office (For SC & ST Cast Only)
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Mental Ability And Test Of Reasoning
  • General Science
  • Current Affairs
  • Facts About India
  • Facts About Kerala
  • Constitution Of India And Civil Rights
  • General English
  • Social Welfare Scheme And Measures
  • Informations Technology And Cyber Laws
3 Assistant Town Planner Part I

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical , Traffic And Transportation Enginnering
  • Hydraulics Water Resources And Environmental Engineering
  • Surveying Construction Management Quantity And Valuation

Part II

  • Early Human Settlements
  • Town Planning Theories
  • Planning Concepts
  • Environmental Impacts Of Cities

Part III

  • Salient Features Of Indian Constitution
  • Social Welfare Legislations And Programmes
  • Renaissance In Kerala
  • General Knowledge And Current Affairs
4 Lecturer In Home Science ( Food & Nutrition) Part I

  • Human Physiology
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Nutritional Through Life Cycle
  • Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics
  • Research Methods And Statistics
  • Food Science And Technology
  • Food Microbiology And Quality Control
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Biophysical Techniques

Part II

  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Research Aptitude


  • Salient Features Of Indian Constitution


  • Social Welfare Legislations and Programmes

Part IV A

  • Renaissance In Kerala

Part IV B

  • General Knowledge And Current Affairs
5 Deputy District Education Media Officer Part I

  • Communication And Public Relations
  • Mass Education Health Education And Instructional Strategies
  • Health And Illness
  • Epidemiology
  • Concepts Related To Health & Hygiene
  • Epidemiology

Part II

  • Social Case Work
  • Social Group Work
  • Community Organisation
  • Recording Social Case Work, Group Work And Community Organisation

Part III

  • Salient Features Of Indian Constitution
  • Social Welfare Legislations And Programmes
  • Renaissance In Kerala
  • General Knowledge And Current Affairs
6 Programmer Part I

  • Discrete Mathematics Probability And Statistics
  • Digital Electronics Computer Organization Operating System
  • Data structures And Programming In C
  • Object Oriented Programming Through C++/Java
  • Database Management System
  • Client Serv Architectures Web Programming
  • Computer network And Programming
  • Software Engineering

Part II

  • Salient Features Of Indian Constitution
  • Renaissance In Kerala
  • Effort To Reform Society
  • Roll In Renaissance
  • Awakening Through Literature
  • Women And Social Change
  • Leaders Of Renaissance
  • Literary Figures
  • General Knowledge And Current Affairs

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